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tv   Greta Van Susteren Everything You Need to Know about Social Media  CSPAN  December 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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and see that south africa has a signatory to the treaty which means under their obligation that the minute that al-bashir steps in that country they're supposed to arrest him and he gets his trial on genocide so naturally every time he goes to a country whether it's out of africa or chad or anyplace else i wrote the crowd using social media as a means where everybody gets involved and i do things like tweet out president al-bashir is headed
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to south africa. south africa is a signatory and here's the phone number for the south african embassy in washington dc. call and tell them what you think they should do when he arrives. there's a groundswell of people doing it and other likewise trying to get him but the reason i pursued this is one day i found out that president al-bashir wanted to send his foreign minister to talk to me. i bet, talk to me? that's odd. i said okay. so he came to washington, he was going to be at the un in new york or the opening of the un general assembly so he came down from new york to see me at a hotel. my husband and a couple people were there and he brought his entourage sitting across the table and he said to me, said to me that he, because president bashir
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wanted me to know and wanted to know that i was spreading lies about him. he said he felt sorry for me because people were feeding me false information and he was coming to tell me to stop my social media campaign and i said politely, i listened to him and at the end when he had taken a long breath i said there's one problem with that. he said what's that? and i said i've seen it with my own eyes. i'm not being fed something to which he responded you are in my country without our permission and i said you do have me on that one but i had seen and i had been there. but the point is in social media, everybody can get together and join together and do incredible things. there are storiesabout what others have done with social media and social media is not really new .
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all that's new are these delivery platforms. think about it, smoke signals, anybody can see the soap smoke signals, that's social media. a telephone, that's all media, everybody on the block and get on the phone. the difference is everything is amplified in terms of how far you reach and of course the speed of the communication. a lot of people say they hate social media and i get it. you go on any of these, especially twitter. twitter is a host of information and you're going to see nasty things. every day i see how horrible i look and how stupid i am butthat's part of the territory . i have fun with it. i think people are fundamentally nice and for whatever reason there already up and people get already the cause i was at fox news, msnbc. people get revved up because i was on cnn.
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you're going to get your full share of everything no matter what . but the thing is if you use it effectively, if we take back the internet, take back social media, it's a great tool. you want to learn tonight about the rohinga, do a hashtag rohinga and you're going to get taken to a page with all of these tweets, some are stupid, some are useless but some are informative. some are news organizations and you click on the link and you can go to something recent. it's incredible what you can do, you can do so much research. you have a facebook page, you can't function in business without a facebook page. for those who want to stay away from social media because they've heard bad
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things, you can't do your business anymore. those are important things in your business. facebook, i recently started facebook and stay away from twitter until you get to expand but i like twitter. but there's just so much there, good things about it but we're not taking it back. it seems like a daunting task, we don't think we can win the cold war but think about it that we could take back the bad stuff on the internet because there's so many good people and it's incredible how many good things you can do on social media. i was during the campaign of 2016, a news organization was making money hand over fist covering the election because it was wild. as we know very well and in the midst of it in april of 2016, there was an earthquake in ecuador. there were about 700 people killed which compared to haiti where there was 300,000, it was not as much
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but there were700 people killed . and yet new note news organization or i don't know, maybe someday but not enough that they got noticeresponded to ecuador . ecuador was the worst place but nobody responded to it because everyone was following the campaign and i get it. i understand that i was able to hitchhike with a and g0 down to ecuador for two days or three days and just take a look around. there were no satellite trucks down there, it cost a fortune for these news organizations to do newsgathering and i'm sympathetic to the pressure they are under but i was able , i found some rogue wi-fi at a broken down old airport because it had been hit by the earthquake and i was able to live which is just like
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this personal broadcasting. from ecuador, an earthquake in april 2016 when there was virtually no attention, i could pick up my iphone and go live in while i'm going live talking about it, people can type in questions and i could respond but it's magnificent. you can all be your own tv stations, do periscope which is owned by twitter and you can air and it goes straight to twitter but it's just unimaginable where this has taken us in terms of communication. i have to admit i still love the books, i'd still rather come to politics and proseand read a book and learn something . i haven't necessarily been seduced by the internet in terms of my attention but everything's a balance. unless we take command of social media and if people
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shy away from it, that's bad for the rest of us. we need good people to flood it with the smart stuff, the informative stuff, the beautiful pictures and places in the world, the incredible issues and that's where we get it. we are nowgetting a lot of it on social media so i encourage people to get on social media , your children and grandchildren are on social media and if you don't like it, you might want to know what they are doing. of course, the more you know about it, the more power you have to guide younger people who might be looking at it so i love social media. it doesn't mean that i don't sometimes get mad or take the bait when someone says something and respond when i should. the tweeter in chief is the president of the united states and a lot of controversy, in fact there are news organization that signed up because he quite a proleptic tweeter. he follows 45 people and i'm
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one of the 45. but i'll give you an example how things get distorted on twitter is i love animals. absolutely love animals, three dogs and three cats, they run our lives and i love elephants and maybe some of you differ but i don't like big game hunting of elephants for the sake of having the trophies, i don't like that. there was a report about two or three weeks ago that president trumps administration, trump probably didn't know anything about it but we always blame the president for everything that's done even downriver and said they were going to list the temporary band that president obama had put on this trophy hunting which i supported president obama doing that because i don't like this. anyway, a lot of people got involved in it. ellen who, ellen did generous
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, she can't solve it but many citizens got involved. many started talking about this band, don't lift the temporary band. anyway, after some time president trumps tweets out that he is now lifting the ban and is going to put on a temporary suspension of whether he's going to let the van and take another look. i was very happy at that so i tweeted because i knew he followed me. i tweeted thank you mister president for doing that. now comes the problem. is that some people were outraged, how can you find him for even having considered lifting the ban. and i got that viewpoint but my viewpoint was i want to encourage him. if thanking him helps, he
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makes this band permanent, and all for it but people on twitter because there are only a few characters, now it's 280 is that we often times make the mistake of reading into what everybody does and taking a sinister view of what people or say or to instead of cutting people a break so that's where the danger is, mostly on twitter. his book is longer form and so much more on that but i hope the book is helpful to you. it was fun writing it. i want to change it every five minutes on me but it's a whole lot of fun writing it and i think you will find yourself empowered by social media if you want. i expect everybody's done a little bit on social media and who's done social media a little bit? everybody is a little bit, good for you. just take a look at it. anyway, so i'll take a few
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questions if you have any about social media or even about my job, whatever. yes sir. >> tell me what you think social media has really contributed to what this country faces now with fake news. it seems to me that that engine for social media, the engine that's driving this whole fury of fake news because everybody can be a do it himself or herself news person and around and around it goes and we got a tweeter at the top who wants to play games with that the question about fake news and for those who couldn't hear and correct me if i had him wrong is whether or not shall media is the catalyst and the fuel for fake news which has been so destructive and so many fronts. there is no question, that's why i tried to take back the internet and take back social
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media. there's nothing, for all its works, there is nothing we can do about it, it's here so the question is we need to conquer it and change it. as for the question of fake news and i found out that fake news, fake news is presented on various platforms. some of the fake news is obvious. you getlike twitter or google, facebook , all the tech executives at capitol hill were seeing what their responsibility is and what these platforms have said is no, we don't have any responsibility. like the phone company, in other words don't blame us for the obscene phone call or the constant phone calls you get about paying your student loans even though you pay them 40 years ago or whatever
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the call is. a sailor just a delivery system which i don't agree. i think theseplatforms, these tech companies, they are much more, they can do something like , they are aggregatorsof information and news. so here's my warning , a lawyer was my first career. my warning is if i were you, i would start coming up with a solution as to how to fight fake news in conjunction with the coppola cooperation of the american people, we are all in this together because if these tech companies don't do something whether it's some algorithms or whether they when certain articles become suspect, if they get taggedor whatever they're in a different color ink on your page or whatever it is. they've got to come up with a solution. if they do not , i suspect congress is going to do something. they're going to start regulating. and believe me, i don't think this is one thing they want to be regulated by congress.
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now we have all that and the first amendment problems. our responsibility and this is not an easy one but in recognition of the fact that social media is here to stay is that we all love the children and grandchildren and we have to be better consumers of news. we have to be more aggressive, compare and contrast. when i read news, i'm a consumer of news like you are. i read multiple sources because i don't trust every source. it's not that i think people are dishonest, we're just going to have to be much better consumers but social media is here. there's no question we are getting more fake news. i agree but we've got to be better consumers of news and the tech companies have to be better stewards of their job. is that answered, sort of? okay. >> i think an example of that
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is the story in the washington post about the country that tried to trick the reporters into believing that she was a victim of roy moore and one i was struck by was the fact that if that had gone out as youtalk about and i to , as opposed to being involvedin all, that could be a big story for a while . until it got discounted but the fact that the post had their standards really is what prevented them from happening. >> let me give you another example is that over the weekend there was someone who tweeted to me that alan dershowitz, harvard law professor is a pedophile. that's just alive. it's just a lie. first of all is accusing him of a crime which is liable and the reason it was predicated on a prior some other story six or eight months ago when someone else did it and alan had to hire a lawyer and they shut down. and there's no question it's a lie and i won't get into the whole background but the thing is that that first story on this to that was
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tweeted to me, ivan tweeted that if i were alan dershowitz i'd sue for defamation because unless people start standing up to this stuff is that it's not going to stop. defamation suits against people who are reckless or mean or cruel or intentionally do these things, that may do some part in stopping this. this is not going to be an easy struggle to be all the horrible things but i'm big on the first amendment. because of some of the horrible stuff, i don't want to throw out the internet, it's not going to go away anyway. so we can all , believe me, i read stuff about myself. you think i don't read stuff about myself -mark is not insulting and some of its factually wrong, i read that about, i don't like it but social media is here. it's incumbent upon us to be more aggressive and at least recognize and try to make it better.
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>> any questions? yes sir. >> social media with all the high-tech it allows us to have, how do you retain the high touch to get people to do something or believe something rather than just a factoid or a short blurb or the, the hurtful comment, lyndon johnson said you just have to say one timeand without there. >> how do you counteract that ? and how do you move the needle? >> we have to look at ourselves because what i find often is that people are much more willing to believe awful things about people they don't agree with politically or don't like and disbelieve the things about the awful things said about people they like. andi think that we all have a little bit of responsibility in all this . it also helps that news organizations have to police their reporting better.
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but as a consumer, we can't just believe everything that you say without fact checking. fact check things, chances are if it seems too good to believe it's true, it's probably not true. and not just the fact that if you don't like one political candidate and then something is awful is said, that you necessarily agree and of course you don't retweet it. people will retweet often awful things about others. it's not just the original author. people will retweet things . it really, this is an important discussion i think not here but in terms of all of us and how we use this, how even now the nation wants to see how we do it from a values standpoint, how we want to use the internet and social media. yes.
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>> do you think trumps twitter habit is something that's overall good or over all bad? >> depends on how you define good or bad. >> to the american people. >> to the extent that they are factually correct, as one issue. to the extent that they are not, any tweet that's factually wrong is bad. >> i happen to like manners. i don't find is to having a lot of manners. i suspect if he were here, he would say that he doesn't punch first but that he punches back and of course he nukes and then there's a lot of truth that he doesn't take the first strike but he hits hardback and sometimes unfairly. i don't, this is a whole new era of to send social media. we didn't have much of that. president obama, he liked
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manners to i think. he's never in his eight years, i don't remember him being disrespectful but that's me. look at my tweets. i hope they are good manners but they were effective for him. he did get elected president of the united states with them. so it's hard to tell him they're bad. if you don't like trouble, they are horrible. if you like trunk, he's just getting his message out to the people. it depends on who you ask. that's the problem. the interesting sort of thing is that at one point i think it was sean spicer said early on in the administration that these were official statements of the white house which actually raises an interesting question because if they are, then the thorny issue that no one is addressing is whether or not he can block people, i don't
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know where thatdiscussions going or where it's headed . but i'll tell you that people who like trunk, they have no problem with his tweets. the ones that hate him find it appalling. >> any more questions? come on. all right, good. >> i miss you on fox. >> fox is going downhill and all that crap but anyways. >> there's a lot going on there . >> but i've got a lot of good friends there too. but go ahead. >> i met bernie goldberg at phillies game and we had a good talk. what was your favorite interview you ever did, you are so excited you couldn't wait to do it and what is one person you regret you never got or still looking to achieve that interview? >> favorite interview .. he would help me with that one if he knows.
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i think, it's not so much interviews, i like oddly enough being behind the camera. i went to north korea three times and to turn the camera and show people things, i love that. you don't get any honest information out of their that to me, even like going in the new bob mountains and thinking maybe i could help thesepeople, maybe and i think it was like , take bob levinson who is a former fbi agent missing in iran since march 2009 and the twitter handle is about levinson and he has been left behind by the american people in the sense that we are not pushing to find out what happened to him. there have been periodic efforts by different people over the years the case meat one half a second in the
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morning before my coffee reality to say let's not forget bob levinson. the media needs to put a spotlight on and i think to myself, i enjoy doing that because it's a small effort that i know the family sees and maybe sometime someone will come forward and see something or maybe some administration will pick it up so the ones i like the most is where i think i can have a little bit of an impact and it's not show business. i like that. those are my favorites where i sort of at the end of the day you just sort of feel like maybe you made a difference. some difference. because there are a lot of things that on tv that don't necessarily make a difference in the day.those are my favorites. what ones, what did i get? let's see. there's a lot i didn't get. i wish angela merkel would do an interview with me. you won't do when with anyone but i would love to hear angela merkel and i can't
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get, i'm trying to think who else i'd like. i love president bashir of sudan but we have to do it by skype because i don't feel too good about him, i'm trying to think of who else. queen elizabeth, wouldn't that be to die for? that would be to die for, queen elizabeth. you know what she was doing during world war ii. she could have left london during the bombing and she stayed there. she was in the motor pool. imagine that, she could have gone to canada and head out. yeah, can you imagine being able to interview queen elizabeth, wouldn't that be fun? there's so many exciting ones. even somebody likenatalie holloway, i love her .
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natalie holloway, you know that story, it's because i was out in california covering something and i got back to dc and i get a call from new york and i say could you go to aruba, there's a message college girl and i thought brother, i was a college girl. she's probably found a boyfriend and a couple people and a wet drip drinking and missed her flight. doesn't know that story? she's a stupid kid. but anyway, i didn't want to but i said i will so i went down to aruba and i always want to investigate and see it for myself does it so much different when you see it. and i went from as we were going down isaid where was she stayingand she was staying at a holiday inn so i said what room number. i got off the plane , landed and went to the holiday inn . i went in and i sort of act like i was staying there, nobody stopped me. i go up to the room and i knock on the doorand i had a bad attitude .
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i didn't want to do this story at all because i thought he was back on the plane going home while i'm sitting here in aruba. and we traveled, it's not like, we fly to aruba and everybody on the plane would get off and go to the beach, we go to the landfill. i'm not exaggerating. it's not what people think but i knock on the door in aruba and this woman, strawberry blonde hair answers. and it says it's natalie's mother beth. i wasn't expecting anyone to answer and she says come in. i came in and then i felt bad . so we sat down and for some reason we sat on the floor, i don't know why and i sort of felt the same age and she is showing me, she's down there two days ahead showing me all thesethings being done to try to find natalie . over in the corner was natalie's suitcase wide open
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unpack because she had not before she went out that night because she was planning on leaving the next day and it sunk in how real it was. i felt terrible. i stayed on the case because, i don't know if you've ever met a parent whose lost a child, you're looking through their eyes into their soul. the loss is so incredible. so i told them because i told that a couple days later that this is what my biggest fear was, now all the media was descending on aruba and i said to beth, i want to tell you something, there will come a time when everybody leaves. and it's just horrible because the media comes in and acts like you're here to help and they are all goodhearted people but the
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story gets old or whatever it is and moves on which is why we don't hear about bob levinson anymore, that's an old story but the family still wait for the call. anyway, i told beth the only thing i can do is i promised before i left if ever we got pulled out of here, that i would call her and i said it was a call i didn't want to make. i said she staying at a different hotel but this is sometime in early june and about july seventh or so i get awakened by a call from fox saying they want me to go to london, there's been a subway bombing and the first thing i thought of his own brother, they'regoing to pull out of here . and now beth is stuck here alone so i made that phone call and said i think everybody's pulling out. all the news organizations and they pretty much pulled out, some came back later but i pointed to this and said you get hooked into the stories and you get to know these people and they're not juststories. i've met bob levinson's family so many times, they
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were in september and i sat around for two hours having coffee. trying , there appears talking to the state department seeing if anything can be done to find bob so the problem is the story, i really, there really are unfinished stories, especially for the families. i love to get the information and help the levinson family. i'd love to get the information for beth holloway, just so that they can finally end because they stood around and it may seem disturbing but there waiting for a phone call so those are my regrets.more questions, yes sir. >> i like the point that you make toward social media being difficult to write a book when everything changes so quickly. my thought now is well, now that you bookmark in that area of social media we receive twitter in a way dwindling for the younger generation, facebook gaining
6:46 am
more steam as it controls for advertisingpower and instagram even taking the lead now in some of the engagement , how do you see the new trends of social media taking hold of how we look at it and even pages like read it even controlling the conversation. >> that sounds like a next question. you want to know my answer to that? this is my marketing campaign, ready for this? it's not about the book. okay. i'm not kidding. same day i launched the book i'm launched the sorry at which is actually funny, it's a free download. go to the store and do it on your phone and the sorry app, i'm competing with snap, instagram and others and years away, there are several
6:47 am
different. first off, if your generation, for those who do not understand. it doesn't use a telephone and doesn't do things in person, you can do things like this. you're all going to need chiropractors. but you communicate so much by texting and video, i just, believe me. anyway, you do it. anyway i figured that you know what we don't do enough of in this country is looking at our cells, it's the other guy was doing things wrong and wouldn't it be fun to have an apology at so i created that app. the first feature we rolled out is a more public feature where you can do an apology. senator butchart did one for me. hers is very funny. she apologizes to her husband because in 9019 30 when they married she couldn't think of his middle name when they registered for a gift. it's sort of fun and it's sort of like . you get to watch the video
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and anybody who has the app gets to look at the video. after watching the video, you writeexcept or reject . so that adds up. but it can be a bad person. if that's something really bad, there are a lot of things like dumb corporation, they got in trouble for an ad or kathy griffin for her thing, the beheading thing. you can do serious ones if you want and then everybody decides when you watch it, the f in one word on there but if it were, is everyone gets to vote whether to accept or reject it. it's a phony apology or was it the real thing? so it's a public thing. we've begun to populate it, i launched my dogs apologizing for my dogs, every time the mail comes to a spot they chew it up.
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they don't really care but i put them on anyway to see if there apologizing so there are like things too but the other feature which is more for your generation is the kids snap, snap's are these videos that start off just sending videos to another person and after you've watched it it disappears. so i'm using that sort of idea on my sorry app saying if i were going to apologize, i just wanted to do it so i wrong you, i send you an apology peer-to-peer on another feature and you get it. you accepted or rejected. and it disappears. the reason it disappears is because i don't want, in case you reject it, go show all your friends. she's such a loser, look what she did so it's going to disappear. if you accept it, maybe i'll make a phone call and maybe i'll use e-commerce and send some chocolates or flowers or send an over to pick you up, that's what we're looking at down the road but there are otherfeatures , it's a whole
6:50 am
rollout in terms. it's hashtag tvt, everybody knows what that is? the age groups, certain age groups not yet. hashtag cbt, it means throwback. that means something like a picture from when you were a kid. were going to put in a throwback thursday apologies. it might be nixon for watergate. we all vote now, i don't think so or reject or you might think you know, thinking about 30 years later, that was a good apology. maybe it's somebody else doing something else. it's extraordinary. on social media, in april we ran the analytics. on social media in one 24 hour period, you know how
6:51 am
much people use the word sorry? over 475,000 times. so i thought why don't we have a little fun and like, let's look at it. is what i learned aboutmyself . i did a couple of videos and i learned about myself that when i apologize, i apologize and then i give you a whole string of reasons why it was okay. i was late, but the traffic was bad. there were people in my way and it's like, it wasn't because like i was late because i didn't think ahead and figure out rush hour. anyway, now i'm much more careful in my apologies. i'm a lot more circumspect about how i apologize. and the other funny thing is with my husband is that oh god, let's say that i'm not
6:52 am
the nicest, a little crabby. remember the old aol, you've got mail? i want to start, you need the app. so it's a question as to whether we can change. it's not an easy job to change the internet, the bad stuff is always going to be there but at least we can flood it with the fun, the good, the educational, the exciting and adventurous and i like to see more of that. and not to scare people away but encourage people to get involved. i don't talk to him, you know, it's funny people think i have access to people i don't have access to. any more questions? did i say anything tonight that's got me in trouble, i always wonder that. not yet.>> senator global
6:53 am
chart is hysterical, hers is funny. yes. >> this is a number of years ago when his social media thing got started and i remember reading that it could be made in two hypocrisy because young people were putting so much stuff on their ace book page that they couldn't be called out about anything because they already, there was evidence that that's what they were those were really their attitudes or their ideas or their beliefs and i thought well that's not a good thing, it could be the end of hypocrisy, you see that at all? i don't see that at all but of course i was in washington. >> we're all, i catch myself being critical of people. i do the same thing in a different way. so i think hypocrisy will outlast social media. but let's see. anyway, thank you very much
6:54 am
for all coming . [applause] >> copies of greta's books are available and thank you again for coming. >> i appreciate you all coming, by the way, i really do.
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getting disoriented and distracted and having the got in the back yelp pulled up. you pull back on the stick and you look at the altimeter and the vertical speed indicator showing us how quickly we were descending, realizing we were just less than about 15 seconds from crashing into the water, being one of those guys. it was definitely not always the best of things but i always was
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able to get pretty good at the end. >> afterward airs on booktv every saturday at 10 p.m. eastern and sunday at 9 p.m. eastern and pacific. >> good evening e everyone. i'm tracy dimond from programs and publications department of the enoch pratt free library. welcome to writers alive at the maryland state library for the blind and physically handicapped. thank you for joining us to welcome dr. lydia kang to baltimore. we hope you also join us for some of our upcoming events. author of redefining age, and caregivers guide to living your


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